Lomas del Centenario

Lomas Del Centenario is directed by the IVG Group.The group activities extend worldwide with discovering promising real estate business opportunities being our specialty. We are experts in residential project development worldwide; Israel Eastern Europe and Central America .recognized for the vast amount of construction projects as well as enhancing and restoration processes for existing buildings and land.

The IVG team is comprised of the best experts in the real estate field, who are keeping constantly up-to-date with all the events of the real estate world, observing and examining the fluctuations and the development of the real estate market worldwide. This enables them to locate the next investment opportunity at the right time – something that many times is the difference between “just another” profitable project and a really “golden” opportunity. Entering markets overwhelmed by other players in the industry is rarely our way of business – and is considered only at times when we possess certain advantage over the competitors.

The IVG staff with its managers, marketing managers, financial advisers, attorneys, architects and engineers will help you create your dream home amidst a beautiful community. Our team of professionals at Lomas Del Centenatio have been taking care of the necessary land development issues so you don’t need to worry about altering land designations, working with local agricultural groups, acquiring permits and certificates and construction. You can rest assured that your dream home will be built with quality construction and materials.There are no surprises at Lomas Del Centenario. You will know upfront the cost of your home so select from multiple floor plans and begin your dream today.

For more information please visit: http://www.lomasdelcentenario.net/

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